Join with neighbors and friends across the state to protect Oregonians against unfair profiling

Immigrants living in Oregon are part of our families, communities, workplaces and places of worship--and they should be able to live, work, and build a better life for their families free from fear. Being an Oregonian means looking out for our neighbors, including those who may seem different, and building bridges of understanding. Join us in uniting against profiling in our state.

Join us in uniting against profiling in our state.


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Camille Elmore-Trummer

"My husband applied for permanent residency status shortly after we got married. He wanted to work so he could provide for his family. Despite our immigration laws being clear that immigrants married to U.S. citizens are eligible, it took nearly five years and thousands of dollars to receive approval. This immigration system is clearly broken and throwing out our anti-racial profiling law does nothing to fix it. It only adds more confusion and chaos to an already difficult issue."