Writing a Letter to the Editor

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Want to help stop Measure 105?  All around the state, opponents of Measure 105 are writing letters to the editor — and lots of those letters get published.

These letters are easy to write, and they make a big difference, because lots of people read them. Want to write a letter? Here’s all the info you need.

Where do I send it?
The easiest thing to do is Google your city, the name of your local newspaper, and “submit letter to the editor.” For example, “Roseburg News-Review submit letter to the editor.”

What to say:
Just write down in a sentence or two why you oppose Measure 105. Make it clear you want people to vote NO. If you’re able to relate the letter to something in the news, that’s even better. If you can’t think of the right words to use, feel free to use anything you find on our website.

How long should it be?
Keep it short: 90 words is enough. Please keep it under 250 words. You only need to discuss one issue in a letter.

Do I need to identify myself?
Yes. Put your full first and last name, address, phone numbers. The newspaper won’t print your address, email and phone number, but they need it to verify you’re a person and wrote the letter.

Where are some examples?

Here you go:




Devon Downeysmith