Let’s TACO Bout Voting:

For immediate release — Nov. 3, 2018
 Jenny Lee, 503-317-1058 & Damon Story-Motz, 303-913-5634

 Let’s TACO Bout Voting:
Two days before election, campaigns and community organizations get out the vote
 AWESOME visuals + big diverse crowds + fun names + chants:

What’s the news?

  • Ballot measure campaigns usually work independently, but this year, we’ve formed a new political alliance. The alliance is led by communities of color striving to build a better vision for the future, and it’s focused on reaching voters historically left out of the democratic process, like those who are single parents, people who speak English as a second language, young people and communities of color.

  • Oregon’s historically high turnout is largely being driven by new voters and Oregonians who rarely vote. New political alliances like this one are helping power this turnout, with organizers madly working to get out the vote, two days before ballots are due, rain or shine.

  • APANO and OPAL are doing culturally-inspired campaign work around a shared set of values. We’re not just fighting back against anti-immigrant hate groups. We’re presenting a positive vision of the future where communities of color lead on policy. And we’re eating tacos while we do it.

  • This is the first time so many ballot measure campaigns have teamed up to get out the vote. The No on 105 campaign and the Portland Clean Energy Initiative are going door-to-door in East Portland, where many political campaigns never go. Together we are working to persuade low income people and people of color to vote. The No on 105 campaign is also teaming up with the Yes on 102, No on 103, No on 104 and No on 106 campaigns.

  • APANO is turning its office into a Ballot Assistance Center for the final 3 days of the election. APANO has worked to expand language access through our voter guides, new voter registration, multilingual outreach, and visibility in ethnic media-- trying our best to make sure that caring members of our community can exercise their vote and their right to shape the society we live in. The center can provide the following services:

    • In-language assistance and access (any language ... we’ll try to help!)

    • Unofficial Ballot Drop Box (we turn in ballots at the end of each day)

    • Help filling out the ballot

    • Rides to the Multnomah County Elections Offices in Portland and Gresham

    • Correcting ballot problems and help re-issuing new ballots

    • Picking up ballots from homes and delivering them to drop boxes

APANO is open from 9:00 am-7:00 pm to assist voters, collect ballots, and make sure your vote is counted.

 AWESOME visuals + big crowds + fun names + chants:

  • Hundreds of diverse volunteers and their kids, chanting and rallying and going door-to-door. This is the third culturally-inspired canvass, after Dumplings & Democracy and Pan Dulce for Power, organized by OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, and the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon(APANO).

  • Multilingual families getting help at ballot assistance stations.

  • Giant lines of tacos.


  • 10 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 4, the last weekend before Election day

  • 2 p.m., too!

  • APANO, 2788 S.E. 82nd Ave #203, Portland, Ore., 97266


Devon Downeysmith