To Keep Communities Safe, Vote No on 105

Earlier this week, 16 Oregon sheriffs signed onto a letter urging voters to get rid of Oregon’s anti-racial-profiling law. 

Don’t let the number of sheriffs who signed on fool you; the counties they live in represent just 16% of Oregon’s population.*

Many Oregon law enforcement disagree with the sheriffs who signed the letter, from the sheriff of our state's most and second most populated counties, to the district attorney in Oregon's largest rural county, and many more.

Many law enforcement want Oregonians to vote NO on Measure 105, because they understand Oregon’s anti-racial-profiling law makes us safer. Measure 105 could make community members feel less safe working with the police -- meaning they won’t be as likely to report crimes or serve as witnesses at trial.

The letter from the sheriffs drew swift responses. Erin McKee, co-director of the civil rights group's Immigrant Rights Project, noted that it’s troubling that "elected officials continue to perpetuate the myth of the criminal immigrant.

"Studies have shown, repeatedly, that immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born citizens." McKee said in a news release. "There is no factual basis for the assertion that a civil immigration violation leads to a life of crime. Sheriff Bergin's statement not only ignores facts and statistics, but it also relies on tired, fear-mongering rhetoric that misleads the public on how the law works."

Take action today. Join us in our effort to protect Oregon's anti-profiling law, and defeat Measure 105. 

*According to OPB