Rebeca's Story

 Rebeca Armas

Rebeca Armas

My name is Rebeca and I am the proud daughter of immigrants. I’m working on finishing my final term of school before I become an elementary school teacher.

For my parents, getting to raise me in a safe and welcoming place like Oregon is the fulfillment of their American dream. And the opportunities I have had here -- like being able to become a teacher -- is how I am living my own American dream.

I was excited to turn 21 years old. But not for the reason you think. You see, for me this meant I could petition for my parents to gain legal status.

The Trump administration has made things extremely difficult for immigrants looking to seek legal status. Our federal immigration system is broken. It’s complex, and there is no clear path to citizenship.

But eliminating a law that has protected Oregonians from racial profiling for over 3 decades will do nothing it fix it. In fact, it will only add more chaos and confusion to the process. Can you chip in $20 today to help protect Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law?

Measure 105 has real and scary consequences for people like me and my family. This fight is about preserving Oregon values. And for people like me, and other people of color, it’s literally about our lives and safety.

Can you chip in $20 today to help protect Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law? Let’s show the world that Oregon is the welcoming, fair and humane place we know it to be.

PS: You can read my full story here.

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