Karla's story

 Karla Juarez tells her story at a recent No on 105 press conference.

Karla Juarez tells her story at a recent No on 105 press conference.

Guest blog by Karla Juarez

Like so many other immigrants, my family came to the U.S. fleeing violence in their home country. Moving to the U.S. was my family's opportunity to start their lives over. We were living our American Dream.

But all of that changed when my parents separated and my father returned to Guatemala. My mom was forced to raise my siblings and me by herself. My mother's name was Otilia and she was the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever known.

Years later, my kind and trusting mother became involved with abusive men. No matter the level of abuse, she was always too afraid to call the police for fear she it would jeopardize her immigration status. 

One time, we fled to a shelter because she had to get away but was too afraid to press charges against her abuser. Another time, my mom's abuser slashed her head so badly she was covered in blood and fled to her neighbor’s apartment to seek help. She was too afraid to call the police, but luckily her neighbor did.

It's already so difficult for domestic abuse survivors to come forward. If Measure 105 passes, it will be even more difficult for people to come forward -- especially people of color like my mom.

On behalf of survivors, I ask you to vote No on Measure 105. And please give what you can to help us defeat it so that every domestic abuse survivor feels safe to call the police and ask for help.

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