81 Oregon elected leaders: Vote No on 105

 Representative Diego Hernandez at a house party for the No on 105 campaign.

Representative Diego Hernandez at a house party for the No on 105 campaign.

Elected leaders from all parts of Oregon have come out against Measure 105. Here’s a partial list:

  1. Alissa Keny-Guyer, State Representative

  2. Ana Del Rocio, David Douglas School Board

  3. Andrea Salinas, State Representative

  4. Angel Falconer, Milwaukie City Council

  5. Annabelle Jaramillo, Vice Chair, Benton County Board of Commissioners

  6. Anne Schuster, Commissioner, Benton County Board of Commissioners

  7. Arline LaMear, Mayor of Astoria

  8. Barbara Smith Warner, State Representative

  9. Bob Andrews, Mayor of Newberg

  10. Carla Piluso, State Representative and Retired Gresham Chief of Police

  11. Casey Roats, Mayor of Bend

  12. Cathy Clark, Mayor of Keizer

  13. Chris Gorsek, State Representative and Former Portland Police Officer

  14. Chris Hoy, Salem City Council

  15. Chuck Bennett, Mayor of Salem

  16. Chuck Riley, State Senator

  17. Claire Syrett, Eugene City Council

  18. Dave Gomberg, State Representative

  19. Dan Saltzman, Portland City Commissioner

  20. Deborah Kafoury, Chair, Multnomah County Commission

  21. Denise Piza, Madras City Council

  22. Diego Hernandez, State Representative

  23. Earl Blumenauer, Member of Congress

  24. Elizabeth Wytoski, Mayor of Dayton

  25. Elizabeth Furse, Former Congresswoman

  26. Emily Semple, Eugene City Council

  27. James Manning, State Senator and Former Police Officer

  28. Janelle Bynum, State Representative

  29. Jeff Auxier, Columbia County District Attorney

  30. Jeff Barker, State Representative and Retired Portland Police Lieutenant

  31. Jennifer Williamson, State Representative

  32. Jessica Vega-Pederson, Multnomah County Commissioner

  33. Joe Buck, Milwaukie City Council

  34. John Hummel, Deschutes County DA

  35. John McArdle, Mayor of Independence

  36. Jon Haroldson, Benton County District Attorney

  37. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Metro Council

  38. Karin Power, State Representative

  39. Kate Brown, Governor

  40. Kathleen Taylor, State Senator

  41. Kathy Figley, Mayor of Woodburn

  42. Kay Brooks, Medford City Councilor

  43. Ken Humberston, Clackamas County Commission

  44. Kurt Schrader, Member of Congress

  45. Kyle Palmer, Mayor of Silverton

  46. Lane Shetterly, Former Republican State Representative

  47. Lee Beyer, State Senator

  48. Lee, Scott, Chair, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners

  49. Leonard Stoehr, Springfield City Councilor

  50. Lori Stegmann, Multnomah County Commission

  51. Lucy Vinis, Mayor of Eugene

  52. Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie

  53. Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner

  54. Michael Dembrow, State Senator

  55. Mike Reese, Multnomah County Sheriff

  56. Patrick Starnes, Independent Party Candidate for Governor

  57. Paul Blackburn, Mayor of Hood River

  58. Paul Evans, State Representative

  59. Rob Nosse, State Representative

  60. Rob Wagner, State Senator

  61. Rod Monroe, State Senator

  62. Rod Underhill, Multnomah County District Attorney

  63. Roland Herrera, Keizer City Council

  64. Sam Adams, Former Mayor of Portland

  65. Shemia Fagan, State Senator

  66. Sheri Malstrom, State Representative

  67. Sonya Fischer, Clackamas County Commissioner

  68. Steve Callaway, Mayor of Hillsboro

  69. Steve Milligan, Mayor of Monmouth

  70. Susan McLain, State Representative

  71. Susheela Jayapal, Future Multnomah County Commissioner

  72. Suzanne Bonamici, US Congress

  73. Tawna Sanchez, State Representative

  74. Ted Kulongoski, Former Governor of Oregon

  75. Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland

  76. Teresa Alonso Leon, State Representative

  77. Tina Kotek, House Speaker

  78. Tobias Read, State Treasurer

  79. Tom Andersen, Salem City Council

  80. Val Hoyle, Labor Commissioner Elect

  81. Xanthippe Augerot, Chair, Benton County Board of Commissioners

These leaders join many law enforcement professionals and community-specific organizations. In the next several days, the No on 105 campaign will be announcing its endorsements. 

Measure 105 would throw out Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law. That prohibits police from targeting people based solely on the color of their skin, their accent, or their perceived immigration status.

“Measure 105 violates Oregon values of of fairness, looking out for our neighbors and treating others as one would hope to be treated,” said Cristina Marquez, No on 105 campaign manager. “In Oregon, we believe in welcoming others, including those who may seem different, and building those bridges of understanding.”



Devon Downeysmith