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 Felicita Monteblanco

Felicita Monteblanco

Guest blog by Felicita Monteblanco

I am the proud daughter of an immigrant; my concept of family has been shaped by my large, loving and loud Peruvian Family.

Like so many of families who come to the U.S., mine is part of the long American tradition of people who came here in search of a better life, for the freedom and opportunity our country offers.

Working at Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation, I know many members of our Latino community are living in fear.

Every day, we hear more and more stories of long-time residents being sent to a country they don’t even know, immigrant families being torn apart, ICE raids, and children being detained in immigration camps. Their fears are not unfounded.

Measure 105 is an attempt to bring those same policies to Oregon. If it passes, Oregon police could become another arm of the Trump deportation force. We can't let that happen. 

Join me in voting NO on Measure 105. And please give what you can to the No on 105 campaign today. Help them reach every Oregon voter to make sure they know we must defeat 105.

Devon Downeysmith